This page has been prepared for supporters of Wānaka Stakehholder Group Inc. as a quick reference page with the most relevant information in one place, on one page. It will be updated as anything significant changes.

WSG membership

As at 10 February 2021, our membership stands at 3,477 members of WSG. For more details on how this membership breaks down, take a look here.

Isn’t the Wānaka Airport issue dead? Answer: NO!

You’d be forgiven for thinking this because of the shut-down of tourism and the impacts on aviation, the shock Tarras Airport proposal, and recent comments in the media by the Mayor.

The truth is that QAC have 100 year lease (and the ability to renew in perpetuity) over Wānaka Airport, and it is clear that their intentions are to continue with their plans after a pause “of a few short years”.

How can we be sure of this? Well, back in March, as the impacts of the global pandemic were becoming very obvious, we asked the Council to “reset” and return Wānaka Airport and Project Pure back to the 100% ownership and control of the community. Mr Boult took the trouble to reply to our 3,400+ members with a resounding “no” to our reset request.

Consequently QAC (and shareholder Auckland Airport) has a firm grasp on our community airport, for future development as it wishes, and significant control over the location and development of Wānaka’s sewage treatment plant to allow it to do that. This is why we went to the High Court in September 2020.

Understanding the background issues

There are three quick reference points to bring you up to speed with the broader issues. They are:

  • The Tomorrow’s Wanaka video – see immediately below
  • The “7 Key Reasons” document – outlining core arguments against jets in Wanaka – here
  • The “What $400m looks like” report by Richard Somerville – showing the necessary size and scale of the jet airport operation given the proposed investment – here
  • What about Tarras? Check out our update here.

Deeper dive

If you want to follow the ins and outs updates to members, check out our updates here.

Barrister/QC Team

WSG’s legal team consists of our Chair, Deputy Chair and two core members of WSG. We have instructing solicitors in Wanaka (Fyfe Karamaena Law). Our senior legal team in Auckland consists of:

The team is supported by a further group of barristers and support staff at Richmond Chambers and Shortland Chambers in Auckland, as required.

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