It’s time to have your say in Wanaka’s future

[Update 8th April 2020] Despite the massive challenges now faced by the NZ tourism and aviation sectors as a result of COVID-19 worldwide, QLDC has confirmed that it will not reverse its transfer of Wanaka Airport to QAC. This means that QAC can move forward with plans for a jet capable airport in Wanaka, when it deems conditions are right. WSG is challenging this transfer by QLDC to QAC of substantial ownership and control of Wanaka Airport in the High Court in the next few months. Details here.

QAC has made it clear that it wants to build a jet airport at Wanaka Airport. We are just 2 years in to a 100 year so-called “lease”, which can also be renewed “in perpetuity”. So it is clear that the community’s wishes will be overridden some time in the future, and our only way to stop this is to get it back under community ownership and control.

What is happening?

A small group of executives in Auckland and Queenstown are making decisions about your children’s future. QAC has announced plans for significant development at Wanaka Airport, and they are now moving fast. They already have substantial ownership and control of Wanaka Airport, and despite current impacts on tourism and aviation due to COVID-19, they show no signs of changing their plans significantly.

The Upper Clutha community is not being properly consulted on any of this. The airport is proposed to run scheduled jet services that under the current proposed plan, by 2035 we could expect up to 2.8 million passenger movements annually at Wanaka Airport.

Want more detail?

On this website, we have included the facts and information we have to date. Take a look at the following pages to find out more:

What will this mean for us?

The scale of development will have a massive and far reaching impact on Wanaka’s infrastructure and its desirability both as a place to live and a destination to visit. More information here.

Our community and infrastructure are under pressure now and the environment is clearly suffering from the adverse effects of recent rapid and unchecked growth. […] Recent announcements re the development of the Wanaka Airport are likely to have a significant impact on the quality of both the community space we live in and the environment.

Michael Ross, Chairperson, Wanaka Stakeholders Group

What can you do about this?

Protect Wanaka is a site set up to help you understand the issues and see how you can get involved and have your say. Don’t let QAC decide the future of your community without your input!

There are various ways in which you can take action. Check out the current options here.

Most importantly, please take a moment to sign up to join Wanaka Stakeholders Group Incorporated, to keep informed about developments and help give us a stronger voice.

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