Membership and Mandate

We’re often asked “who do you represent”? Well, as the largest membership group (focussed around a single issue) in Wanaka, we represent a real cross-section of our community.

There is some information below [topline numbers last updated 10.02.2021]

  • As at this date, we have 3,477 members
    • That’s equivalent to 49.22% of the adult population of Wanaka. Or 34.8% of the adult population of the Wanaka Ward (= Upper Clutha).*
    • To put this into perspective, if this campaign was based in Auckland, and we had the same proportion of the Greater Auckland population, our membership would be 815,575.**
  • We also have the full backing of the community associations of Hawea, Luggate, Mt Barker and Albert Town, who put out a joint statement in support of WSG – which is a first for Wanaka. Details here. Since then, we have support from the community association at Cardrona and the recently formed Sustainable Tarras Inc.
  • Please note that the graphics below showing member demographics have not been updated recently (but the core percentages remain accurate), but the topline membership numbers on slides 1 and 2 are up to date as at 10 February 2021.

To find out more about the team behind Wanaka Stakeholders Group Inc. and the Protect Wanaka campaign, take a look at our Committee and Core Team.

Of course, to join Wanaka Stakeholders Group simple fill out this form. It’s free, quick and will remain confidential.


* Wanaka population 2018 is 8,720. Census data shows that 19% of the population are children (= <16). Adult population therefore 7,063.
* Wanaka Ward population 2018 is 12,320. Therefore adult population is 9,979.
* Source:
** Population of Auckland 1,657,000.

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