Committee Members

Below are details of the committee spearheading Wanaka Stakeholders Group. You can also find out about our Core Team here.

Chairperson: Michael Ross. Michael has spent most of his professional life in local government as a Chief Executive. He has owned property in Wanaka for over 50 years. He is acutely aware of the pressures which are already affecting our community and the environment. He believes that development of the Wanaka Airport will only speed up the growth challenges we face here in the Southern Lakes.

Deputy Chair: Mark Sinclair
Mark has lived in Wanaka for a total of 17 years, returning from 18 years in the UK two years ago. Having spent plenty of time in places where growth and development have been poorly handled, he says we have a unique opportunity to get it right in Wanaka. “We’ve got one chance – and this is it.”

Treasurer: Jane Passmore. Jane is a resident of Wanaka and was born and brought up in the Upper Clutha. For the past 18 years she and her husband Bruce have been in business in Wanaka. Jane is keen on progress but concerned about the proposed development of the Wanaka Airport, having seen in recent years the effects of over-tourism in places such as Venice, Florence, Croatia, Greece, Indonesia and Amsterdam.

Secretary: Carin Hetherington.
Carin is a local resident with a Bachelor of Education who is passionate about protecting Wanaka. Her main concerns are: over tourism, exponential growth, climate change, and the development of Wanaka Airport. She believes as a community we need to be united and have a voice to protect what Wanaka offers before it is too late!

Committee Member: Doug Hamilton.
Doug has lived in the Wanaka region for three decades and is the owner of Black Peak Cycles and Black Peak Travel, an international guiding company. He originally came to Wanaka for its outdoor attractions and
lifestyle, and lack of pretentiousness and glitzy tourist attractions.
He wants to protect Wanaka’s quality of life and save the town from corporate greed.

Committee Member: Sharon Beattie.
Sharon lives in and loves Wanaka, and has raised two kids here. She has a background in both education and communications, and this combination means she has trouble staying quiet when she sees things that don’t seem right. She firmly believes that the undemocratic and aggressive push by big business interests to seize control of our town through the airport expansion plan is not right. She does not oppose growth and development, but believes that some big questions need to be asked about unmitigated, uncontrolled growth and tourism, who benefits from this, and how it should be managed.

The committee represents only a third of the total team working to keep Wanaka Stakeholders Group Inc. moving. You can also find out about our Core Team here.

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