Traffic, selfies, poop: Tourists erode beauty of Big Sur

“People disregard signs, they disregard the environment, they’re just trampling all over the place,” says Butch Kronlund, the executive director of the Community Association of Big Sur, a local group of property owners. The organization, formerly known as the Coast Property Owners Association, rebranded itself early this year as it expanded its mission to beat back bad tourist behavior. “It’s so frustrating to see people blatantly break the law, but we know we have to keep it civil — we have to engage with people positively,” Kronlund says.

In April, one Big Sur resident began publicly shaming people on social media via the Instagram account @bigsurhatesyou. The account reposts Instagram photos showing people setting unpermitted fires, camping illegally, standing on Highway 1’s double yellow lines (a popular conceit on Instagram) and other misdeeds.

Find out why, and what impact it had.

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