Wanaka airport expansion. Is 20 years of planning an unstoppable force? [Crux, 25/10/18]

Opinion (25 October 2018) – Wanaka resident Andrew Waterworth takes a detailed, investigative look at the background to the proposed major expansion of Wanaka Airport.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a commercial airport in Wanaka! Fancy flying direct to Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington – maybe even Australia. No more driving over the Crown Range, dodging through the Frankton traffic, hustling with the Queenstown parking and airport crowds. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it. So handy and convenient. And grown-up! Our very own airport!

Hang on a minute – let’s just think this through. What does an airport capable of handling commercial jet aircraft actually involve? Why would somebody (who?) spend potentially hundreds of millions of dollars developing Wanaka airport from a General Aviation to commercial passenger airport just to give folks from the Upper Clutha easier access to domestic and maybe international travel?

The short and realistic answer is – they wouldn’t…

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