Tourist hot spots in meltdown [Newsroom, 30/08/19]

In the Detail today, Sharon Brettkelly talks to a woman who’s looked at the world’s most over-crowded tourist spots.

Locals of the Lofoten Islands in Norway are fighting to restore their tranquility.

Word got out of the picturesque towns, nestled between fjords, with its photogenic yellow hilltop house.

A National Geographic article exposed the community to the world, and people came in droves – changing the place beyond recognition in five years.

Author of Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, Elizabeth Becker, says everyone is always on the hunt for the new “hot spot”. Lofoten Island residents are not alone in wishing to be left alone.

Cheap airfares, a growing global middle-class population, promotion on Instagram and other social avenues have all contributed to an issue that’s seen Venice drowning in cruise ships, the Inca trail become a highway, and New Zealand’s own Roys Peak turn into a selfie queue…

Listen to the Podcast here.

El Postiguet beach in Spain – no room for a beach towel. Photo: Getty Images

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