Mayoral candidate would send Queenstown Airport board in a strategic direction ‘miles from here’ [Stuff, 12/09/19]

Future growth at Queenstown Airport should be paused, stopped or sent in a strategic direction many miles away, Queenstown Lakes mayoral candidates have argued.

The airport was the hottest topic at the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce candidate debate on Thursday night.

Glenorchy resident Al Angus who is standing for the mayoralty a third time said residents did not want their homes “invaded with jet noise 24 hours a damn day.”

“The CEO and board should be put on a plane and be sent in any strategic direction, miles from here,” he said.

Nik Kiddle said people feared that the “rampant, unbridled growth” that was being discussed would destroy the natural and social amenities of the town.

Incumbent Jim Boult, who is a former chief executive of Christchurch Airport, said no allowances for further growth would be made for Wanaka or Queenstown Airports until the results of independent social and economic impact assessments were available.

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