What’s holding the Wanaka Community Board back? [Crux, 13/09/19]

As local elections approach, there’s been plenty of rhetoric surrounding the Wanaka Community Board – namely around how much power they are given to make change. Board Chairman Quentin Smith provides some clarity on the workings of the WCB, how it has changed, and what improvements are still needed. 

There has been a fair bit of criticism during this election campaign about the function of the Wanaka Community Board and I think it fair to say that the board at times are equally frustrated.  The board is made up of strong community focused people who are desperate to represent their community.  Every one of them has been a strong and active representative of the communities they represent.  

I don’t think that the current WCB has enjoyed the same level of support or assistance that some Wanaka boards have enjoyed in the past.  Equally there are some issues that are appropriately dealt with by the Council with a district wide lens or that have legal limits of influence for the board.  There are also issues facing the board that should have a greater level of oversight from Council as a whole where we are left to fend for ourselves.  

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