Meet the Mayoral Candidates

On Thursday night, Wanaka Stakeholders Group hosted a “Meet the Candidates” event. All Wanaka Ward candidates for both Council and Wanaka Community Board were there, and all spoke at some stage during the evening. More about that soon.

However, our event clashed with an event in Queenstown which the mayoral candidates had to attend. We couldn’t secure another date at the Lake Wanaka Centre which was prior to polling papers coming out. So we decided to include these three important candidates in our event via video.

Below are the three videos – one for each of the mayoral candidates. The videos were pre-recorded in Wanaka. They were given exactly the same brief. Firstly, briefly introduce yourself (to camera) to address the audience. Secondly, we told them we had a few questions for them which all mayoral candidates would be asked – and we asked them to give their punchy answers back.

Take a look and find out more about each of the candidates.

Al Angus introduces himself.
Jim Boult introduces himself.
Nik Kiddle introduces himself.
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