Council emails reveal intimate relationship with Airport Corporation [Crux, 21/09/19]

An official information request initiated by QLDC candidate Niki Gladding has revealed an unusually close relationship between QLDC managers and the Airport Corporation, with QLDC CEO Mike Theelen even accusing anti-growth campaigners of “happily dwelling in the fake news continuum.”

The QLDC comms and marketing boss, Naell Crosby-Roe also offers his team’s services to the embattled Queenstown Airport Corporation. Mr Crosby-Roe says on April 4th in an email to QLDC CEO that Mr Theelen should make contact with QAC boss Colin Keel to “emphasise the importance and urgency of tackling this misinformation in the absence of anything coming out from QAC.”

Mr Crosby-Roe then goes on to offer to help with these conversations and he highlights the (evidently disturbing) support being received by the Wanaka lobby groups.

Read this in full here.

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