Middleton Municipal Airport expansion – What’s going on? [Times-Tribune, 10/10/19]

Editor’s note: The following story is the first in a two part series regarding the formation of an opposition group to the possible expansion of the Middleton Municipal Airport. The group has filed two open records requests, the first in June and a second in September.

MIDDLETON – “What’s going on?” was how an opponent of airport expansion characterized why she became involved in the Middleton Area Good Neighbors.

Area residents concerned about the possibility of Middleton’s airport becoming too noisy and busy to live close to formed MAGN this summer as the city began developing its first airport master plan.

Pam Krill, an attorney with Godfrey and Kahn, S.C., which represents the approximate 250 MAGN members, said the group has two goals.

“One is to bring transparency to the process. There seems to be a lot of behind-the-scenes things going on, which I understand, that’s how government is, there’s a lot of people involved who have a lot of opinions. So, let’s be above the board, let’s be honest about what we’re trying to do, let’s not disadvantage some and give advantages to others.

“Goal number two is advocate the extent they can to maintaining this airport in good operating condition; upgrading as needed so it remains safe for people to (use); but they don’t want the footprint of the airport to be expanded,” Krill said.

Expanding the airport would create a host of environmental problems including; air pollution created by the leaded aviation fuels; noise impacting nearby residential properties and the impact on Pheasant Branch Creek watershed, she said.

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