Animation attempts to visualise possible Wanaka airport plan [ODT, 27/12/19]

An Otago entrepreneur has thrown his support behind the group opposed to the potential expansion of Wanaka Airport, so people are aware of what it is “they are arguing about”.

Ian Taylor, who founded Dunedin computer graphics company Animation Research Ltd and multimedia production company Taylormade Productions, was concerned by the issue and created an animation based on what information was publicly available for the Wanaka Stakeholders Group.

“The reason it’s been given to the group in Wanaka is … what we are trying to say to the public is whatever happens at the airport, it’s going to affect our grandchildren. Our concern is that there’s so little information being shared, the animation we’ve made shows how much land they’ve bought — it makes it twice the size of Queenstown [airport] — it shows what currently, from the information that’s available, what a $400 million investment in an airport would mean in order for them to get their return.”

He claimed Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd (QAC) was “not sharing any information at all”.

“We need the people proposing this jet airport into Wanaka to step forward and be open in the debate because right now, there’s nothing. All this stuff is happening behind closed doors.”

Read this in full here.

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