Protect Wanaka video aims to raise awareness on future impacts of airport expansion [1NEWS, 27/12/19]

The group against the possible expansion of Wanaka Airport has released a video outlining what the development could mean for Central Otago.

The Wanaka Stakeholders Group has been working closely with award-winning animator and entrepreneur Ian Taylor, who has thrown his weight behind Protect Wanaka.

Mr Taylor says it is about starting a discussion.

“I am really serious about this affecting our children and our grandchildren and we need to make these decisions fully informed.”

“There is just no information out there about what is likely to happen.”

WSG Deputy Chair, Mark Sinclair says the video is designed to raise awareness about the claims around airport issues.

“Decisions are being made behind closed doors… we’re doing what we can to bring the detail further into the open.”

Mr Sinclair says the video shows “the size and scale of the likely airport, it shows where the flights might fly, it shows how close it is to our township.”

A Queenstown Airport Corporation spokesperson says its position has not changed since a statement was made about future development plans in September.

Read this in full here.

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