Survey shows Kiwis happier as tourism growth slows [Stuff, 16/01/20]

A slowing in the growth of international visitor arrivals is being seen as a positive thing by some Kiwis.

A survey of attitudes to tourism show negative sentiment about the pressure it puts on the country has tailed off by three percentage points to 40 per cent.

The biannual mood of the national survey commissioned by Tourism New Zealand and Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) questioned just over 1000 people in November, and 93 per cent still agree international visitors are good for the economy.

Perceptions that the current numbers visiting New Zealand are too high have risen steadily since late 2015, but the number of Kiwis feeling that way now sits at 24 per cent, down slightly on survey results from March 2019.

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Pressure on infrastructure remains the top concern (39 per cent), followed by impacts on the environment (22 per cent), with concern about traffic congestion and overcrowding of national parks and great walks both at 13 per cent.

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