What New Zealanders really think of tourism [NZH, 16/01/20]

New Zealanders are becoming more comfortable with the number of international tourists but more than half are worried that predicted growth is too much.

Research out today shows that 24 per cent of those questioned believe the number of visitors is too high, down from a five-year high of 26 per cent earlier last year.

Just on 93 per cent of those surveyed last November believe international tourism is good for New Zealand. This is the same as in March 2019 although this is down on the 96 per cent who thought it the tourism sector was good for the country in the same month a year earlier.

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And just a third agreed that the Government and industry are taking action to address the pressures created by tourism.

A survey commissioned for the tourism industry shows Kiwis are most concerned about pressure on infrastructure, environmental damage, overcrowded National Parks, increased traffic congestion and visitors trashing the country.

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