London Luton Airport expansion plans and Hertfordshire’s climate emergency [Hertfordshire Mercury, 22/01/20]

Luton Airport want to build a second terminal which could majorly affect Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire’s County Council as well as other local boroughs and environmental groups have all hit out against the proposals for the expansion of London Luton Airport.

Since then, environmental groups and councils around Hertfordshire have opposed the plans due to fears over traffic, air and noise pollution.

Nearby towns like HitchinStevenage and Welwyn Garden City could all see noticeable changes if the expansion goes ahead.

Recent research from the University of Birmingham compared traffic levels in the country and found Luton had the worst level of exhaust fumes.

The Government also has plans to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 begging the question ‘how will this be possible, if aviation services continues to grow?’

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