‘Wide-body jets’ a slip up or cover up? [Wanaka Sun, 13/02/20]

It was reported in Crux last week that documentation for Project Pure contained reference to wide-bodied jets being planned for Wānaka Airport.

Wide body jets doc
The section of the draft business case that references the introduction of wide bodied jets to Wanaka.

“A [sic] additional consideration is that Queenstown Airport Corporation has advised an intention to upgrade the airport to enable the use of wide-body jets in the future and potentially realign the runway,” read the draft Queenstown Lakes District Council business case on how to manage the expansion of Project Pure. 

The use of wide-bodied jets has always been strenuously denied by both Queenstown Lakes District Council and Queenstown Airport Corporation. 

The document in question was apparently a draft document that was never approved and is irrelevant according to one source. This is somewhat believable with the grammatical error in the first sentence which would have been picked up if the document had ever been edited through further progression. (“A additional consideration” should have read “An additional consideration…”)

Yesterday, CEO of QAC, Colin Keel issued a statement saying, “As previously indicated, QAC is not planning to accommodate wide-body jets at Wānaka Airport as part of any future development.”

However, QLDC did not respond to request for comment about the document or plans for wide-body jets. 

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