Time is running out – survey ends TODAY

Wanaka Airport update – Survey closes Wednesday 11th March 2020

[Posted 21/02/20] Yesterday, QLDC launched the airport impact assessment survey – a key part in this consultation. The survey is not great, but it’s one of only a few chances to have your voice heard, loud and clear. Please complete it. The following message was sent to Wanaka Stakeholders Group Inc. members a few minutes ago.

Good afternoon

As you may already know, the impact assessment survey is now live, and QLDC is seeking input from the community.

Since it went live 24 hours ago, we’ve received a steady flow of messages from members complaining about the survey (both content and functionality).  Having reviewed it closely, we are even more concerned than before that this consultation process is skewed and broken.  The survey doesn’t even meet basic best practice requirements.

One glaring error – there is no unique identifier for the each respondent (usually an email address) meaning that anyone can easily fill it out numerous times – so it can be gamed.  Many of the questions are either confusing or obviously loaded/biased. The scenarios for discussion are poorly presented, missing information, ambiguous and confusing.  Worst of all, the option most favoured by most of the people we speak to (scheduled turbo prop services only in Wanaka) is not even on the table.

Despite all of this, we strongly recommend that you complete the survey.  While we believe that it has been designed to skew the results, the community should voice its concerns loud and clear, so that QLDC can’t say “you didn’t turn up”.

The following is guidance for you:

  • The survey is open to people who live here, used to live here or own a property/business here.  Presumably every member of the household can complete a separate survey.
  • Please set aside at least half an hour to do the survey – it’s long.  Do this before Wednesday 11th March 2020.
  • When you get into the survey, you can click through and preview the questions (without filling them out).  This is worthwhile to gather your thoughts.
  • Use your own words, and be crystal clear about where you stand
  • Please be respectful of individuals – focus on the issues
  • If you think a page is confusing or does not allow you to voice your view, include that in the comments section.  There is a free-text comment section at Question 29 (the last question).
  • Make sure that you submit your survey at the end.

Please make your voice heard.  We still intend to challenge QLDC about the validity of this consultation process.

Useful links:

Thanks as ever, and have a superb weekend.

Nga Mihi
The Committee, Wanaka Stakeholders Group Inc.

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