Thanks from the Wanaka Stakeholders Group team – Call for volunteers [WSG, 07/03/20]

Afternoon all. The team at the core of Wanaka Stakeholders Group (yes, this is us!) are asking for your help please. This is on top of all the incredible donations and financial support that keeps rolling in. If we haven’t yet thanked you personally, a BIG thank you from us all. We are incredibly grateful.

However, this post is not about money. It’s about you.

If you have skills, experience or energy which you can bring to WSG on a voluntary basis, we’d love to hear from you. We’re all volunteers, and there’s only so much we can do. Here’s the link.

We 20 core volunteers have clocked up over 10,000 hours to this campaign (yes, we are tracking this), plus a fantastic legal team who have provided incredible support on top of this (hundreds of additional hours and counting).

How can you help? Please tell us by clicking through to our form and letting us know. We need to tap into all the fantastic resource we can. We’ll then sort through responses and be in touch.

Finally, if you filled out this form six months ago, there is no need to do it a second time as we already have your details.

Thanks again for such strong community support! Have a great weekend.

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