Urgent: 24 hours to provide feedback on QLDC Climate Action Plan [WSG, 09/03/20]

The Agenda for QLDC’s full Council meeting on Thursday was released today, and to our surprise, a new Climate Action Plan (CAP) is there, for Councillors to accept/adopt on Thursday. Council executives are recommending that the CAP is adopted the the full Council meeting in Queenstown later this week. That’s right – in approximately 72 hours.

It’s a professionally produced glossy document designed to impress (see below), but of course the content is the most important thing. We need your help. We’re looking for feedback/thoughts/input from as many of you as possible. We know that this is not ideal at all but please do whatever you can in the timeframe.

  • Click the report cover below to see the report
  • Send us your thoughts/feedback via our Facebook post, Messenger or email
  • Please remember to be as specific as possible about the page/part you are referring to (eg Page 9, there should be XYZ in relation to the second point).
Click on the image to open QLDC’s Climate Action Plan

Thank you, and apologies that this is all super rushed – the Council have given us all no real choice here.

Please add your feedback as a comment on our Facebook post – click on the link below

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