QLDC – climate change debate dominates council meeting [Crux, 13/03/20]

It’s hard to draw concrete conclusions from yesterday’s marathon council meeting where climate change and growth dominated almost every topic debated.

Speaker after speaker in the public forum part of the meeting stressed the importance of climate change being recognised in both council policy and action.

Many speakers also stressed the point that growth and sustainability do not sit naturally side by side and may well be mutually exclusive.

The bottom line turned out to be that the council does have the polices, and the declared climate emergency, but precious little action.

Various council managers stressed that action was imminent – but it did appear at times like QLDC was playing catch up with its own polices.

It was also the chance for Queenstown Airport Corporation CEO Colin Keel to present his six monthly report – and he was keen to point out the QAC’s climate change credentials while at the same time highlighting “headwinds” in financial performance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that prior to the virus passenger traffic was up 5% and revenue had increased. His forecast for the next 6 months – “deteriorating conditions.”

A number of councillors went on to insist that aviation emissions needed to be included in all council climate change policies and future actions.

Read this in full here.

Cover image: QAC’s Colin Keel (centre). “Headwinds and deteriorating revenue conditions.” (Photo: Crux)

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