Opponents will continue airport fight [ODT, 18/06/20]

The Wanaka Stakeholders Group (WSG) is vowing to continue its fight to restrict growth of Wanaka Airport.

Chairman Michael Ross said yesterday the Queenstown Airport Corporation’s (QAC) preferred scenario of expanding Wanaka Airport and Queenstown Airport noise boundaries “absolutely hasn’t gone away”.

He was commenting on the release of a report by consultant MartinJenkins this week that said because of Covid-19, it could be eight years before growth projections were back on track.

Mr Ross said the report did not “take us off course whatsoever.

“We’re almost more determined than ever to carry on.”

WSG objects to jet aircraft using Wanaka Airport.

MartinJenkins examined four scenarios determined by the Queenstown Lakes District Council, ranging from a do-nothing approach to building a new airport on an unidentified greenfield site.

It suggested the QAC’s scenario would lead to 7385 aircraft movements and 970,643 passenger movements per year at Wanaka Airport by 2050.

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