Tarras: A tiny town in airport shock – full report [Crux, 22/07/20]

Crux Managing Editor Peter Newport reports from Tarras.

Christchurch airport did their best to keep the stealthy purchase of large blocks of land near Tarras a secret, but the plan was always going to get out eventually – and today was that day.

Crux has been receiving news from local landowners over the past 48 hours detailing the patchwork of lush farmland that will now be developed as a “world class sustainable airport.”

At Maori Point Vineyard today, just hours before the official announcement, Dr Marilyn Duxson, co-owner and former scientist, was bemused by the potential for their quiet piece of paradise being converted into an international airport.

“We have seen a number of local farms get bought” she told Crux. “But really, is this the right place for such a big airport? We’ve just had nearly six weeks of low cloud and that happens a lot in winter.”

Other locals – landowners, cafe staff and the team running the local shop – echoed the same sentiment. Disbelief.

None had really taken the rumours seriously. Collectively they have all said that it wll take time for the news to sink in, however it was agreed that landowners will see prices soar, lifestyle block owners will be more than disappionted that their rural dream may be over and young parents will be wondering what effect a new airport would have on the tiny local school.

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