Message to tourism sector: target rich tourists [Otago Daily Times, 17/11/20]

New Tourism Minister Stuart Nash has delivered a blunt message to tourism operators, saying there will be no return to a pre-Covid “business as usual” – and proposing a “reset” targeting wealthy tourists rather than freedom campers and backpackers.

Speaking at the Tourism Industry Association conference in Wellington, Nash said the fact the conference was able to meet in person was testament to the effectiveness and the need for a strong border policy.

He said there would be no “travel bubbles” until it was deemed safe to do so.

However, New Zealand was well-placed to capitalise on its reputation for its handling of Covid-19 once those border restrictions started easing and should take the opportunity to reset the tourism industry.

“My ambition is that once global borders open, New Zealand is considered by the world’s most discerning travellers as one of the top three places in the world to visit.”

Nash said it was his belief that the New Zealand tourism sector should target high-spending tourists in the future – and charge them more so local communities were not footing the bill for infrastructure and environmental impacts of tourism.

He had officials come up with some proposals to reduce the cost of tourism to the country.

“This includes ensuring visitors pay for the privilege of participating in the New Zealand experience.

“No longer will New Zealand communities tolerate the worst of our freedom camping visitors, and nor should they. Some, but not all, have abused our renowned hospitality.

“I firmly believe that the low-spending but high-cost tourist is not the future of our tourism industry.”

Nash said tourism had put extra costs on small communities struggling with infrastructure, and congestion in prime sites such as national parks.

“New Zealanders should not be subsidising international visitors to the extent that we have done in the recent past.”

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