Another repeated untruth in QLDC’s SOI agenda item – second official complaint [We Love Wakatipu Inc, 29/06/21]

John Hilhorst letter, WLW commentary, 29 June, 2021

Today, QLDC was sent a second official complaint about continued untrue statements in the agenda item for tomorrow’s council meeting decision on Queenstown Airport Corporation’s statement of intent.

In what again appears a deliberate attempt to subvert the purpose of the legislation, and our community’s democratic rights, Councillors have been told that they must agree to the SOI to enable QAC to be compliant.

This is not true. QAC is compliant by delivering its final SOI by deadline. It did so.

Perpetuating this myth puts pressure on councillors to agree to an SOI that gives power, wielded invisibly, to QAC.

Click below to read the second official complaint to QLDC CEO Mike Theelen [We Love Wakatipu Inc, 29 June 2021]

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