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We are a core group of volunteers running Protect Wanaka to hold QLDC and Council to account, looking at the legal issues and so on. There are plenty of ways you can help.

Most importantly of all is to sign up to our member list here.

  • Please do this now – it is free and takes 30 seconds.
  • The greater number of people who join Wanaka Stakeholders Group Incorporated, the more our collective voice will be heard by Council and central Government.
  • Once you are signed up we will keep you informed at every key step and let you know how and when you can help.

Secondly, if you are a Facebook user, join us here. We post regularly with updates, media coverage and other key information.

Then there are many things you can do to help ensure that you are involved in shaping the best possible future for Wanaka.

  • Become a volunteer – if you think you can offer help in some way, here’s where to do that: click here.
  • We are working with a legal team to mount a legal challenge. There will be legal costs to cover (and we’ll have more information about this soon). So any financial contribution you make will be much appreciated. We are an incorporated society, so you can be assured that any donations will be used prudently. There are two options here:
    • [Preferred method] Deposit your donation directly into the Wanaka Stakeholders Group Incorporated bank account here (and email us to let us know please): 06-0943-0826449-00
    • Donate via our Givealittle page here [although please note that this costs us 5%]
  • Connect, share and comment on social media.
    • Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
    • If you see us post something which you feel strongly about it, please comment or share – or both! Your friends will see this too, and hopefully this will lead to more signups.
  • And of course please keep talking about the issue with as many people as you can. Let’s build momentum!
  • Please encourage friends and family to do the become members.
    • If you feel like emailing, tweeting or sharing on Facebook, here’s something you can use:
    • Take action now! Don’t let a small group of Auckland executives decide the future of our community without your input. Join Wanaka Stakeholders Group:


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