What are the solutions?

We want a jet free Wanaka Airport and we want our local community to be consulted and heard.

Our Protect Wanaka campaign focuses on the proposed major expansion of Wanaka Airport.  We seek a transparent process with wide and independent consultation leading to sustainable and sensible development of Wanaka Airport.  We need our elected representatives to completely rethink their approach to the development of Wanaka Airport.

Michael Ross, Chair of Wanaka Stakeholders Group Incorporated

We have not identified all of the specific solutions yet, but as a bare minimum we are clear of the need for the following:

  • QLDC is required to “rewind the clock” and move through the process of considering and deciding upon the best options in relation to a regional airport, but with full and proper community consultation and full transparency.
  • That consistent with Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s (TIA) vision – a destination Masterplan is developed which informs our future and what we can accommodate so as to grow a sustainable tourism industry for the future.
  • QLDC should slow down and look at growth only with a sustainable lens, with full community consultation/involvement and with future generations in mind.
  • Our community has significant and real representation on the board of QAC.
  • Something needs to be written into the constitution of Wanaka Airport and the QAC statement of intent making the management of Wanaka Airport accountable in an appropriate way to the Wanaka Community. 
  • In the event that development of Wanaka Airport is the best option, QLDC resolves to impose limits within which QAC is required to plan and operate. Protect Wanaka believes that this should exclude Jets from future planning for Wanaka
  • We are asking QLDC to work on developing a regional strategy with Invercargill and Dunedin Councils to enable the region to flourish as opposed to overcrowding in the lakes areas

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