Airport animation goes national [Wanaka Sun, 09/01/20]

Protect Wānaka’s animation that dropped onto social media on December 27 has scored a hit, according to Mark Sinclair from Protect Wānaka. 

“We’re delighted with the results of this animation — and grateful for Ian Taylor’s generosity in creating it for us at no cost.  We wanted to stimulate conversation about the future of Wanaka, and it has certainly done that. The video has featured prominently on high traffic websites of TV3 and TVNZ, as well as Stuff and the Otago Daily Times — and it is likely to have had many thousands of views there,” he said. 

On Protect Wānaka’s Facebook page, the animation only received a mild 16 comments with 90 shares and 72 emoji responses. On TV3, the item received 102 comments and 16 shares. However, the Protect Wānaka website registered 4500 views of the animation in 10 days. 

TV3 coverage included commentary on the lack of infrastructure and the idea of taxing tourists to pay for it without mentioning the fact the visitor accommodation levy, which was resoundingly approved by referendum last year, is exactly that. 

Nonetheless, Sinclair added, “There has been a steady flow of comments and shares online, and we’ve had hundreds of new sign ups to WSG so far as a result,” said Sinclair.  

“We’ll continue to share the video widely, and also have plans to either update it or create follow up videos as new information emerges.” 

In response to the animation, Sara Irvine, general manager corporate and community affairs said, “Given that QAC has not at any time put out a formal proposal or plan for the future development of Wanaka Airport, the video released recently is only based on WSG’s [Protect Wānaka’s] speculation.” 

Mayor Jim Boult was not impressed with the animation. “Statements such as the Council effectively selling the airport to QAC are blatantly untrue. Equally, declaring that ‘in the next few years Wānaka’s airport is likely to become much bigger than Queenstown’s is now’ demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about the complexity involved or time required to set up any sort of airport operating scheduled commercial flights – large or small,” said Mayor Boult.

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