Frustrated Wānaka locals take matters into their own hands as visitor numbers spike at Roy’s Peak [1 News, 11/01/20]

Wānaka made the six o’clock news this weekend, but not for the right reasons. The impacts of overtourism in Wānaka, specifically at Roy’s Peak car park, made the 6pm news bulletin.

The popularity of one of the country’s most picturesque walks is frustrating locals who live nearby.

While there have been attempts to cope with increased visitor numbers to Roy’s Peak in Wānaka, neighbours say it’s still not enough.

At just 10am, the carpark for Roy’s Peak is packed. Vehicles spill into every space, including on the grass, while others flout the rules altogether and park on yellow lines.

“I’m parking here right now and I’m hoping there won’t be a ticket on my windshield when I get back,” one tourist admitted to 1 NEWS.

Watch the video and read the full article here.

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