Endangering the unique character of Wanaka

We face irreversible change to our community: There would be a shift from a quiet, community-strong town to a tourism-driven, crowded, soulless place.

  • We know that the reason visitors come here, and people want to live here, is the tranquil beauty, the calm, the quiet, the pristine environment. We know that this will disappear with overtourism.
  • We are in danger of killing the Golden Goose. 
  • In essence, this is a decision to go for volume (of visitors) over quality.  Or put another way, to focus on the greatest number of visitors to Upper Clutha rather than alternative strategies like increasing the average stay or spend in our community whilst keeping numbers sustainable.
  • Not only is this likely very bad for residents, it could also be disastrous for many businesses.
  • QAC has talked about developing a world class ‘sustainable’ airport but makes no attempt to define or measure sustainability in this narrow sense, or in the wider sense of what the airport will bring.

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